Monday, June 28, 2010

Now That's Progress!

Funny how just listing out a bunch of things online makes me work harder. Here is the list from yesterday, and the items in BOLD are those I have already FINISHED.

1. Select and order books for English 103: The Critical Essay (film criticism, I think)
2. Send syllabi to Colby Community College (the college lost previous files).
3. Finish the red dress I began in May (for July 4 weekend).
4. Help online student finish incomplete and turn in his grade.
5. Take up straps of swimsuit (too long).
6. Call girlfriends and buy tickets for midnight showing of Twilight film (unless it's too late to get tickets).

No, I'm not kidding. I pored through textbooks today, found the perfect one, and I've even ordered an instructor's copy. I am also likely two days away from the student's completion of the course.

Now all I need to do is sew. Yippee!

Oh, but wait a second. I had a second list. I have managed to work some on Oxford research, but it's going slowly. I fear the books will be overdue again very soon, but I'll just keep working on them.

On the bright side, my goal was to work out 1.5 hours/day minimum. Yesterday I managed 2.25 hours. And today I worked out for FOUR HOURS!!! Yes, that's right. I am a goddess!

Tomorrow? Cardio Kickboxing, more Oxford research, a bit of kid-tickling... Sky's the limit, as long as I can work in a nap in the afternoon. Otherwise I won't be able to stay up for the midnight showing of Twilight: Eclipse.


  1. I, too, have a stack of books that are rapidly gathering new dust as I attempt to pore through them. Note to self--fewer books at a time.

    Sewing, though? That's fun. I'll do your dress if you take my notes. I'm sure you'd love Victorian Labor and Delivery!

  2. That's why I'm so happy, The Mother. I really love sewing... and even the research is fun.

    Honestly, the exercise is fun, or I wouldn't do it. Weeding isn't, but I sure feel good when the beds look pretty again...

    The fun thing about summer is that I have far fewer "have-to's" and far more "want-to's."

  3. The problem for me when all the kids are home and I'm working is that I don't want to do anything I have to do - I already resent the hours I spend doing what I have to do.

    It makes me grumpy. And I know my poor husband, stuck at home, deserves his own time, too. But getting him that time just adds to my have-to pile.

    Summers are not productive for me. On the other hand, I did rewatch all the Twilight movies yesterday and I liked that.

  4. Makes me tired just reading your list.

  5. Cardio Kickboxing??!? I thought you were this demure quiet renaissance person who liked to read quietly in a corner. Hmmmm.

  6. Stephanie: I watched the first one yesterday, but I sewed while I did. You know me... kind of antsy. Hard to sit still long without something to do. I understand the whole work thing, believe me. I have been so tired of grading, especially when I have a whole list of stuff I can be doing, and the one item "grade papers" takes the whole day, at the expense of everything else. There has to be a payoff for my grading every evening and most weekends during the school year, though. I'm just glad I have that option as a teacher.

    Jeff: It's actually really energizing for me. And marking stuff off the list makes me very happy, and encourages me to do more. Yesterday I fixed my swimsuit and nearly finished the dress, and my student is a final exam away from finishing his class. That knocks all the main list items off, leaving me to do laundry today (not so fun). If writing the list doesn't motivate you, though, I would suggest not doing it.

    Max: Dude, you have no idea. I am a Renaissance Woman, which, by it's very definition, means I am into a LOT of things. And I am pretty demure, and pretty quiet. Exercise is sort of the outlet I have to replace theatre, since I can go into a world in my head while doing it, in the same way I used to onstage. Besides, it makes my arms look a lot more toned!