Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haiku Continued

Sorry if y'all are sick of this, but I'm not, and it's the only thing fast enough for me to attend to until I get my grades turned in. Final Projects are graded for one class, but I have a few essays with the other class to assess, then final exams, and grade averages to figure out for everyone.

But when I'm not swimming in papers, I'm thinking of haiku riddles. Stephanie figured out the last one easily, with a not so gracious "duh" (she's my older sis, though, so I'm used to that), so here's another one.

Black as night mixed in
Between the pearly gloss
Lilting melody

You know the drill (or if you don't, the object is to figure out what my cryptic haiku is about, post a message with your guess, and await my fantastic answer on my next post).

Remember, too, to add a haiku of your own, either as a riddle, or just for fun!


  1. A clarinet?

    You didn't specify an object or a person.

    Shattered in seconds
    They scrabble to live in shards:
    The tomb of thousands.

  2. A piano?
    And for steph’s I guess: A dream?

  3. I'm thinking a piano keyboard also.

  4. Piano!

    /slaps head

    Guess we know which one I've ever played.

  5. I agree with Jeff's and Stephanie's answers: piano. My guess for Stephanie's haiku is a looking glass.

  6. I have to admit, I don't have a guess for your haiku, Stephanie. But I can certainly see clarinet... Jeff was right, though, with piano.

    Please share your answer, Stephanie. I admit it's driving me crazy.