Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Haiku

Congratulations to Stephanie, who caught on to the "dew" of the last haiku! And I'm grateful for the creativity of both Stephanie and CherilynDavid, too! Please keep the haiku coming!

This next haiku is a famous person:

Muscles, bright blue eyes,
A single lock of hair, but
Too soon wheelchair bound.

Got a guess who it is? Post a message letting me know.

Feeling brave? Try a famous person haiku of your own! I'll try to guess yours (or you can guess each other's, too).


  1. Duh, Christopher Reeve.

    Brown, skinny, swaddled,
    Using peace as his weapon
    Dead through violence.

    (Might apply to more than one person, but I have on in mind)

  2. Yep you hit the nail on the head Steph.

  3. Ghandi?

    I am never sure how obvious one of my clues is. My husband is no help. He was one of those poor souls who had poetry shoved down his throat uncomfortably in high school and never got over it. His eyes pretty much glaze over with the first line.

  4. You got it. Gandhi. Lee got it right away, too, but just looked baffled when I read him yours.

    Apparently, I had an edge growing up in the same house with you.

  5. I wish I was a poet...but I'm not. :( Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

  6. Their finger a ring
    A different person for each
    Meant to be with you

    I'm sure it's quite easy, but it's not the same person for anyone.

    Sharon - If you ever wish the become one, haikus are quite simple, making them a perfect place to start.

  7. Stephanie, I can see that our similar upbringing means we think alike (yet somehow disagree on nearly everything). Weird.

    Sharon, I appreciate your stopping by, and poetry is not all I like, believe me!

    Wandering Poet, I would HOPE that everyone's answer isn't the same! That would be awful! I like the one I picked, certainly, and I hope that we all find a similar fit.