Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Haiku Party

I am at a teaching conference right now (which would explain my not checking in), but my sister's last haiku inspired me to create a series of four. Can you guess how they are related?

Silken, slippery
Swishing bubbles, drifting through
Its treasure chest

Black-eyed, waiting for
Children stepping off the bus
In lonely silence

Curled up soft and warm
Eyes golden, mind drifting off
The sharp smell of fish

Soft and fragile, but
Given cause, all sharp as pain
Not easy to kill

Guess one, and you'll probably be able to figure them all out. I head home from my conference tomorrow, so I'll soon be home free, and able to write. Leave me a message with your guesses, and kudos to whoever can figure out all four!


  1. Fish in a fishtank
    Faithful dog
    Domesticated cat

    The last one stumped me.

  2. on the pet theme, I'm thinking hedgehog. We had one... great pets...and when threatened they roll up in a ball so they're all quill

  3. Wow, I think I'll have to agree with everyone. I can't imagine anything more correct. Great Job people!