Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer To-Do List

Admit it. You knew this was coming. You did. You knew I was just biding my time, holding back my inner OCD-driven list maker. Haiku kept it at bay over the last few weeks, but here it is, my overwhelming summer list of creative To-Do's:

1. Revise Mariah's Ark (second novel)
2. Revise Charley (third novel)
3. Revamp plans for Thomas novel series, rewriting the first episode from scratch
4. Write mermaid novel (to be my fourth)
5. Research all I can for Edward de Vere play
6. Write Edward de Vere play (full length)
7. Get ten-minute play "A Game of Dance" ready for performance
8. Write at least three more short plays
9. Paint with my kids at least once per week
10. Get back on track teaching my children to play piano
11. Write two more veggie books and get them ready for submissions
12. Develop a submission plan to implement by September for ALL works, so that I can submit at least one item each week through the school year.

I'm sure I have more, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed (and excited). I'm about to start on the research part, mainly because half the books I am using are already overdue at the library.

What are your plans for summer? Got a to-do list of your own?


  1. I feel overwhelmed just reading yours.

    Good thing I'm a seat=of=the-pants writer.

  2. Please pretend I wasn't typing in the dark and those ='s were -'s.

  3. My goal is to get just one manuscript ready... that about sums it up for me.

  4. Stephanie, I understand the seat-of-the-pants thing. I just don't do it. Sometimes I wish I did. This is how i function, though.

    Jeff, one manuscript is enough. I'm just writhing because I've had so many "almost done" manuscripts for so long. Time to get things moving this year!

  5. Good luck. My list is a lot shorter than yours, but then my list spans a few years, not just the summer.
    -Get a job.
    -Move out.
    -Enroll my fiance into your school and make sure she signs up for your English classes.
    -Get married.

    I hope you let us know when those books are printed, I plan to get them.

  6. Wow, Wandering Poet! I think your list is quite daunting... but doable, if not all at once.

    I'm sure I'll write in when I'm done with something. The Oxford research is first, though. Too many books are overdue at the library already.