Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Haiku Theme

I have to admit the guesses for the last set of haiku were great! Flit's was especially perceptive, for she figured out hedgehog for the fourth haiku stanza. I've always loved hedgehogs, though I cannot tell you why. They seem a bit like Piglet (of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories), cute and timid and easily spooked, and that brings out the maternal in me.

Here are a few more, all based on a single theme:

Golden, flame-throwing
Hot enough to fuel each
Summer afternoon

Mystic, calm, remote
Brilliant in a darkened sky
Behind passing clouds

Softened by the winds
Swirling over all its lands
Mammoth in its space

Like its "son" next door
Swirls of stormy clouds, but more--
Asteroids in rings

I assume by the end of the selection the clues will help you through them all. I should, perhaps, make the stanzas more difficult, but I don't want them to go unguessed! (Is that so wrong?)

Anyway, tell me what you think each one is. Post a message to me, and write one of your own haiku on the theme! I'd love to read them!


  1. I probably shouldn't say anything, but I can't help myself:


    Inferno beneath
    Its sulphur clouds, Earth's twin and
    Brilliant ev'ning star.

  2. Damn Steph beat me... and nailed them again.