Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jasper, Jasper, Jasper!

Note: This is not a spoiler alert. I will not reveal anything you didn't already know about the Twilight: Eclipse film.

Yes, I made it to the midnight showing. Yes, I stood in line three hours before it happened, ticket in hand, Edward shirt on body, with a crowd hyped up like they were going to a concert. Yes, I was one of the oldest people in line. Yes, people screamed when the show started, and many other times, too. The only difference was that my ticket was only $10, not the high dollar stuff of concerts.

While I took my fold-up chair to the car, another car stopped near me, and the driver, and older man, asked, "Why are all those people crowding up there?"

I told him it was for Twilight.

"Really? I don't know anything about the Twilight thing."

"You don't need to," I told him. "The movies weren't meant for you. You wouldn't understand." I tell that to a lot of men, actually. And some women, too.

The film was good. Not great, but I didn't expect it to be. Honestly, I waited months to read the fourth book because I had been disappointed in the third, so the movie being just okay was no surprise to me. I'm not a Jacobean, and the resemblance between the film Jacob and the boy I babysat all last year reinforces my adherence to Edward. Naturally, all of the shirtless shots of Jacob didn't do a lot for me (though they really excited quite a few others in the theatre).

I only have two beefs with the experience. One was the ring that floated around through the second half of the movie--this all-important ring that was so highly significant--and it was truly fugly. It may be one of the fugliest rings I've ever seen. (If you don't know what fugly is, think about it a bit more).

Most of all, though, I was disappointed in the title character of my blog post: Jasper. You see, in movie one, he actually vied with Edward on the hotness quotient. In the second film, his hair stunk, and he just looked weird. He looked better in this, but as we walked into the theatre, I told my friend, "I sure hope they fix Jasper's hair in this movie." And they didn't. It didn't look so much like a wig as in #2, but it still wasn't hot. Very disappointing.

So there you have it, a movie review that reveals nothing truly important about the movie at all. How you like them apples?

On a happy note, I am literally a couple hours from finishing all of the big tasks this week. Yes, my week's to-do list is almost done, and I will also manage to fit in many of the extra tasks in, too. Now I'm off to start laundry and weed the garden!


  1. Just goes to show. This is one of my favorite of the books. My daughter likes the second best and I didn't care for it all.

    Admittedly, also, I never found Jacob or Jasper hot. Jacob mostly because he seems like a kid to me. I think all the "real" blondes look a little off among the Cullens with the makeup. Carlisle and Rosalie, too.

    My husband has seen the ring elsewhere (I have not) and is in complete agreement with your assessment of it's appearance. I'll be seeing it this Saturday.

  2. Glad you posted a review.

    And I wish I could complete one of my "big" tasks this week--I’ll settle for rewriting a few chapters. Best I can do.

  3. I think the older man in the car for whom the movie wasn't meant may have been trying to hit on you. What color was your folding chair? Often things like that are signals these old creeps look for. I am glad you were forceful with him, and sorry about this Jason's hair. Very interesting post.

  4. Stephanie, my favorites of the series were the first and fourth books. Then again, when have we ever agreed on anything that wasn't important? I liked the film, but I enjoyed the trailer for Harry Potter more, and I know you don't like the series at all.

    Jeff, your goals are great ones! Revision is a big task.

    Vicar Ezra, the man was about my age (I am older than I sometimes sound), and I'm not sure I was that forceful, me and my dark blue folding chair. I did mention my husband, though, so that should have clued him in. If he did mean to hit on me, I'm flattered. That doesn't happen very often, though.