Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Stupids

They are everywhere
Their thick brains
Firing off
Thicker thoughts

They wander everywhere
Onto TV screens
Spouting inanity
In an inane world

They hurt everything
Killing without any reason but hate
Hating without any reason but fear
Fearing for no reason

They follow us everywhere
Pushing their nonsense on us
Expecting us to act upon
Their nonsense

Yes, we are right
They are everywhere
Zombies out to make the world their own
We are right to be afraid

Yet we are so, so wrong
For we are not more than they
We, too, are stupid in the world
We, too, rationalize our own thinking
We, too, believe that only we are right
We, too, want everyone to act as we do
Where we all go wrong is in
Thinking we know everything.


  1. Damn shakes we even almost used the same tags. Oh hell yes I love this, the poet takes a stand! We can do it, we can clean up the mess not ours to own.

    1. I sure hope you are right. I just want us all to take stock. Isn't that what we should do--not just at the end of the year, but every single day?