Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent Calendar--December 13

I promise, I had the 12th finished early... but I scheduled it to be published, and I guess it didn't go through.

Now it has.

Here's the installment for today. It's later than I'd like, and the kids have noticed! Darn!

A red and white
Curve of sweetness
Fit for children

If adults let them eat me
On their own

Hook me on a tree branch
Or into a stocking
Or on a little finger

Or break me into pieces
And share me

Who am I?

I won't put the solution to the 12th in yet, since I just noticed the Blogger error. This one's pretty easy, though...

Hope your holiday shopping is finished by now. If it is (and it is for me, thank God), that means you are part of the 18% finished. Supposedly 60% still haven't started.

Then again, it's never been about the shopping for me. I'm off to play some piano Christmas carols!


  1. A cheap engagement ring made from sugar.

  2. You are so cute!

    Thanks for checking out the little riddles every day.