Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Calendar--December 19

All by myself
I'm spiced with sweetness
Crispy and ready to eat

But you don't eat me

You cut me
Into fat pieces
Frost me up with icing

And this suits me just fine

So go ahead
Decorate me with those gummy drops
The spicy ones in green and red

I like those candies best

Or licorice, or lollipops
To line my windows, doors, and roof
The frosting adds some needed snow

And then I'm ready for display

But pretty doesn't really suit me
Looking isn't quite enough
I sigh for little sneaky fingers
To pull off pieces, nibble up

After all, I'm really meant for EATING.

What am I?


  1. For a minute there i thought we were going to have spiced hard cider 9just what we really need) but then that would make the crust soggy so it must be PUMPKIN PIE! The best pie in the world!

  2. I showed your answer to the kids, and they giggled.

    My son's getting edgy--my daughter's guessed the last three really quickly, before he can wrap his head around the words...