Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent Calendar--December 21

Only a few more days... I'm just glad I've actually kept at the writing (even if I did only because my kids would be disappointed otherwise):

I'm the present nobody wants
The heavy concoction of
Fruited nuts
And nutted fruits

Solid enough to be a doorstop
Ugly enough to make one gag
(Before one even takes a taste)
Able to last from one holiday to the next

What am I?

I'm betting my kids won't get this. I've never made one of these, and I never will. Thankfully, I haven't been given one in years.


  1. Uncle Bob after that fourth shot...whooowee that is one stinky nut that doesn't look like fruit but is pickled and once he's on the ground he does make a good door stop between the kitchen and dining room just tread carefully and lightly.

    1. Dude, it only takes four shots? That guy can't hold his liquor at all.

      The idea of using him as a doorstop is good. At least that makes him good for something.

  2. Hey, I want one, I would like one, in fact I need one!

    OOps need to do the word thing to get outta here.

    1. Sorry. Didn't think the word setting was in here. I've taken it out. Unless some weirdos start spamming me, I'll leave it that way.

    2. Oh, and do you want one of the fruitcakes, goatman, or a drunk uncle?

      I find drunk uncles highly entertaining, actually. I don't have any on my side of the family, but several on the hubby's side.