Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Calendar--December 5

Now that we're five days into this, I thought I'd let you know how the kids are responding. 


They especially like the idea that each one is a riddle, though they've easily guessed all except Day three (that took a bit of thinking, even with the Clara clue). 

More than likely, y'all are checking out the poetry and gagging (I read the verses through, and I know they aren't great, believe me). Then again, you aren't the intended audience. My kids are. And they like goofy words and phrases--and rhyme--so I'm writing in a style that is unusual for me, for the most part. 

Besides, I'm in a rush each day. And the poem today reflects that feeling, I think. It's also the easiest poem yet. Here's what will be waiting in the drawer for my kids today:

My work is finally winding down
(Believe me, I can't wait)
I'll soon be done, be on my own
Relaxing with my mate.

My bags are almost fully packed
We're all a little tense
To see the stockings stuffed and tacked
To give out all the presents.

But I still have my tasks to do
I cannot rest quite yet:
Mend my suit and shine each shoe
And get my beard curls set

I'll polish all the jingle bells
And feed the reindeer eight
End up the list--which elf can spell?--
And ready for the date.

It's such a rush this time of year
But I don't mind at all
For I'll be eating brauts and beer
Before the New Year calls.

Who am I?

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  1. Haven't had time to keep up Shakes but Today I go into an elementary school and take my 1st grader for help in reading. Trust me--I am going to hear that name about 4000 times between the office sign in and the class room.

    By the by there is nothing wrong with the verse you write. It ain't Bukowski but it also ain't bad.