Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3 of My Advent Calendar

So far the poems have gone over pretty well. My two kids pulled them out of the drawers while I was gone to the beach, and with each one, instead of putting in a title, I just gave them the poem and asked, at the end, "Who am I?"

They guessed correctly both times--though with the first one they guessed "Rudolph," so I gave it to them--and they are looking forward to poem #3. If you like, I can list it the same way I do with them, but I doubt any of the poems will be too cryptic for you not to know what the object is...

Still, I'll try it for today.

Even better, if you can guess the positive attribute I'm trying to identify through the object, that would earn you even more points. Feel free to try the same with the first two poems, as well. Each one is dealing with a (very gentle) message. My kids tend to like those, and my son got the second one right away, though the reindeer one from Day 1 didn't occur to either one.

Here it is, #3. Let me know what you think it is. (I warn you now, though, this poem is for my kids, so it won't be hard in the slightest).

I am more than wood
And bright paint
More than trims
And fur
And buttons
Glued on my glistening jacket

I am not a mere peacock
All for show

Look beyond the foppish braiding
Past decoration
My use,
Too long neglected,
Can break what you cannot.

I am stronger than you think
Even as Clara discovered.

What am I?

Did I tell you it would be easy? That last part gives it away completely. (Funny how I act like you are responding, though I'm still writing this post and haven't yet published it. I am so silly!) Beyond the item, what is its message?

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