Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2: Gifts

The prettiest ones lurk under the tree
Dressed in the latest style 
Awaiting the morning when children will see
Will open, will glow, will smile

But do not be fooled by the glorious wrapping
Or the price tag, or glittery glow,
The best ones aren't good because of their trappings
The good ones have much more, you know

They come, not in ribbons, or fluffity fluff
But in handholds, in soft, kindly words,
In giving what truly is needed, not stuff
Like the toy of the year, how absurd!

So do not be fooled by the fanciest paper
Or give only stuff you can buy
Reach out and give truly, and be a good neighbor;
The warmth in your heart will show why.

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