Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Simple Wish

My head exploded
With dreams of being worthwhile
A sage of the world
Guiding readers through 
The maelstrom of life
Leading my children 
As they make themselves successful
Changing the world
Through words

(In other words, 
I took myself
Just a bit too seriously)

But as I stomped in the rain
Dreaming dreams of glory
I chanced upon a woman
A girl
Of 90 years or so
Hair white as age required
Skipping along 
In a hot pink coat.

All my dreams drifted away
Out of my Pandora's box 
Where I had stuffed them
Held them captive
Leaving only one:

When I'm ninety
May someone see me
Skipping down the street
In my white hair
And hot pink coat
And smile.


  1. When you're 90 I just wish I am still around to watch you skip. :)

  2. **not a comment** Thank you for listing me on your blogroll. However the URL needs to be corrected so the posts will update. If you please. :)

    Is the proper blog address to enter.

    Hope you are doing ok. Haven't seen you for a while...:)

  3. I have every intention of being dead by then.

    Not that that worries me much.

  4. As long as my garb need not match yours I will easily skip along with you though I be a few years older.

  5. Thanks, Jeff!

    Oh, Walking Man, who knows what psychedelic colors exist then! Wear whatever you like! I just don't see myself wearing down any time soon...

    Sorry about that, Max. No wonder I haven't visited, for my blogroll wasn't updating any of your postings. I have the error fixed, though.

    And why would you not be alive then, Stephanie? I hope to live to be 108. That's my goal. Mind sharp, happy body, the whole works. That's why I'm so centered on activity.

    Not that I'm asking for all that much!