Tuesday, January 26, 2010

20 Years

No, I'm not projecting any time travel stuff. Honestly, I'm so caught up in now I can't possibly speculate on what the world will be like in 20 years.

But today, January 26, is still a big day. It's my husband's and my 20th Dating Anniversary.

Yes, we still celebrate it. It's the reason we went to Cape Flattery a little over a week ago. It's the reason we get gooey-eyed every January. Heck, it might be the reason we're still together after all this time. And, looking back, I'm pretty amazed. After twenty years:

1. We don't hate each other (marriage ain't much fun if that's happening).
2. We still like sitting next to each other, holding hands, etc. (Don't worry, I won't do the TMI thing.)
3. We still have plenty to talk about.
4. We still don't annoy each other much. Actually, we may very well annoy each other less than we used to. (I could make a short list, of annoyances, but then, so could he. None of them usually is enough even for a spat.)
5. We still like going places with each other better than with anyone else.
and, most importantly,

6. I still can't imagine putting up with anybody else instead.

So, there it is. Has it been exciting? Not enough to make a movie about. Has it been fun? Yup. Would I have picked differently? I am SOOO glad I didn't, and I think he'd say the same. We get along like best friends, we tell each other the truth (even when we don't want to), and we share a vision, a purpose, and a great deal of respect. And we know each other almost as well as we know ourselves.

What more could I ask for?


  1. You two are one of the happiest couples I know.

  2. Congrats... this type of attitude is becoming rare. Everyone I know is getting devoiced, or has had a spouse cheat of them.

    I concur with your statement. my wife and I are very similar to that description.
    God willing we'll be around another 20 years.

    I wish you and steph a happy and healthy 20 years to come.

  3. * and your spouses as well of course*

  4. Ask for nothing more just live the next twenty and the twenty after that as well as you have the first two decades. Then when you have done all that living you may be able to think of something to ask for.

  5. I liked reading this. Happy anniversary. It was so sweet and tender.

    Joy and many more anniversaries,
    Susan Deborah