Friday, January 15, 2010

Signs of Aging

I'm getting older. We all are. My kids are still not fully grown, but they are getting older (thank goodness!). 

I'm a bit older than they are, though, darn it! My husband's younger than I, but he's feeling older than he really is. He has a foot that is likely to need surgery, for every time he walks more than a few blocks it swells up and hurts for days (his mom had surgery). He's had arthritis in his hands for years, and has even had his wedding ring sized up several times, just so he can get it over his swelling knuckles. He has mystery pains everywhere, from his knees to his hips, his hair is thinning, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes it hurts for him to get up in the morning. Sometimes he can't get to sleep fast because he hurts.

I can't really whine about being old. Unlike my unfortunate husband, I can't say I've felt any effects of aging. No arthritis, no weird pains, nothing. I'm probably more spry now than I was a decade ago (since that was also several dozens of pounds ago, too). The only way I'm sure I'm getting old is that I have these smiley wrinkles right around my eyes. Since I'm pretty smiley, and very light skinned, I guess I can't be too surprised.

So, for those of you who are already feeling the effects of getting older, what's it like? What do I need to be prepared for? What should I expect? 


  1. Flexibility trashed.Muscle pain. Muddled hearing. Eyes that lose ability to focus after performing close-in tasks (VERY irksome). Everything wrong (colds, flu, headaches, cramps, you name it) makes you tired. Gray hair (I don't have). Hair sprouting from places you NEVER suspected. Bruising easily.

    Thing is, there is no way to predict when you'll be hit by any or all of these. Your active tendencies are good in keeping some of these at bay.

  2. Back pain, days go by even faster, not sleeping so well, gaining weight, odd pains, days feel colder, patients grow thinner, you realize your retirement will not suffice unless you change something drastic, you blink and your kids are grown and on the way out.

    Ooh yea, you realize what you wanted to do when you grew up is over. Welcome to reality what you are is what you will be, get used to it.

    Just don't blink...

  3. The only thing you need to be prepared for is the day you realize that you're not young in your heart any more. That was the only eye opener for this old fool.

  4. Looking in the mirror to see someone you don't really recognize. Comparing what your parents and family members were doing at the same age. Adjusting to aches and pains that have gradually creeped up. And, hopefully, being driven to try even more of the "good" things while giving up the "duty" or "should do" things.