Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Killed by Time

Dreams far off
Goals I feel my being's fiber
Gravitating to
Yearning for

Get lost.

Grading pulls me down
Into a stack of papers 
With my little purple pen
Writing answers
Offering encouragements
Recording score
Circling the smily faces as I go.

But the writing waits
Like a siren 
In the other room,
An untouched file on my laptop
Beautiful, calling for me to

Get lost.

Yet dishes drown me
And clutter drags me across the floor
Bathrooms sniff at me
Children's homework strangles me
Appointments eat at my time
Like moths.

And still the novels cry out
Filled with holes
I keep answering:
I'm almost there!
I'm coming!

But I'm not coming.
My time is running out
And I'm not getting anywhere I want to be.


  1. Been there, but the stress of feeling like you're cheating isn't likely helping.

    On the other hand, never taking the breaks you need for YOU isn't helping either. Let the bathroom sit another day and hit the laptop.

  2. Killed by time, saved by attitude...

    Also venting by writing does help. Just know you’re not alone, Time bites us all.

    I am lucky to have a job far away from the realm of writing as one can get. Keep your head up and pencil down and you'll come through it just fine.

    Also my kids clean everything, but maybe your kids are not old enough yet. But remember to put them to work, it helps you a ton... and teaches them work ethics.

  3. Except you have been writing the novel as you do your other work. It comes together in the head long before the fingers hit the keys.

    Shakes...A timeless piece has no deadline.

  4. Fortunately, my kids do a LOT of work. I only wish the hubby would!