Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogging for Fun

I am drowning in essays on Greek myth (why did I choose to be an English teacher?!?), and I have less than forty minutes before I have to pick up my kids, but I just had to blog.

Thanks so much, those of you who read my blog whenever it pops up. Thanks for checking it out even when the title is lame and the subject matter isn't to your taste. And thanks to the BIG THREE responders, who pretty much chime in every single time I write (do I have to list you three out specifically? You know who you are!). Sometimes, in a given day, this blog is the only writing I can count. Sometimes it's the only fun I have. Sometimes it's the one break I get from all the stressful "have-tos"...

And you read it. Bad, good, boring, interesting, off topic, weird--no matter what presents itself here, you check it out. Thanks so much for that.

I wish I had more today. Perhaps I'll have time tomorrow to post about my trip out to Cape Flattery this past weekend. I took some digital video of it--spectacular!

Thanks again.



  1. Whether or not I am one of the three is inconsequential.
    Yet I will always come to read what you have to say. I look forward to your advice, both on your blog and in the post you leave on mine. Without you and your sister I don't think I would even blog anymore.

    Yours and her responses are worth a thousand responses to me. They are full of great, well thought out advice. And it helps me more than words could express…

    Thx for your time, I do enjoy and appreciate it.

  2. Both of you make up two of the three... you know you do!

    Hi back.

  3. I like your writing. I will try to comment more often rather than just read, so you will know I was here. :) I have reactivated my BritishSpeak blog and I invite you to stop by, since Britain seems to be an interest of yours. It was dormant for a year. I don't envy you having to go through all those papers (though I like Greek mythology.) Take care.

  4. So you brought a bit of the cape back with you then Shakes.

    Time is time and you use your must do time before your want to time and that is just and right.

    Mythology? Poseidon is a friend of mine would you like him to wash your papers to the briny deep? It would be a better excuse than your dog ate their homework.

  5. I went through a brief phase where I cared about blog titles, but it was too brief to mention. I like Blogging For Fun though, it kind of captures the whole reason we all keep blogging, even when we are not so sure anyone is reading.