Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Don't like the way you look? Think your stomach is flabby? Don't like pinching yourself into your jeans every morning? Well, DO something about it. Eat right, exercise, and get yourself in shape. Or buy bigger jeans. Problem solved.

Don't like that your novel isn't finished? You know the answer to this one: WORK on it. It won't get done if you spend the day watching infomercials, sweeping, playing games, or whining to nine friends on Facebook that it isn't done yet. For God's sake, write!

When you don't like the way you smell, you take a shower. When you're hungry, you get something to eat. You pay bills on time, you wash the dishes when they fill the sink. You get the kids to bed when it's time. You do daily stuff like clockwork. You handle all sorts of crappy little chores beautifully, checking them off your list one by one almost as fast as you can write them. Sure, some of your problems may take a bit more work, but that's just it--they take WORK.

So quit your whining, self, and get out there and do the work. You have time. You got the whole day. And tomorrow--don't forget you have tomorrow, too. Get it done.


  1. I am going to go back and retroactively dedicate my post today to you Shakes.

  2. Oh, now, at least I didn't think you were aiming this one at me.

    Motivation isn't my problem. Conceit might be...

  3. just like when you need something done, and can't do it yourself, give that job to the one who is most busy... it works!


    beats me!

  4. Thanks, Walking Man! I read your post after mine was done, and I was surprised how much our ideas were in sync. It's happened before, though.

    Stephanie, that was one of the reasons for the title... and I know motivation isn't your issue. I will not comment on the other...

    When a person is able to balance the little things, they are steps away from solving the bigger ones, for they know how to attack things step by step. If you can only see the big picture, you will be daunted by it and likely won't act (or give up quickly). It's all about activity, about doing stuff every day, little steps that add up quickly to much more.

  5. I love it... I don't need this right now, but when I do--I'll remember it.

    I'll bookmark it for future use... awesome!