Monday, June 20, 2011


Too much time is lost
To boredom
The dull of vapid conversation
Well-meaning blather
Or silence
Stifling any emotional outburst
As too much
Too ugly
Too close to feeling

Drop the boring act now
Stop stuffing emotion down
Behind the rib cage
That's not where it belongs

Pull it out and wear it on your arm
Flaunting it to every friend
And stranger
Wallow in it until it sets your hair on fire
Press it to your dear one's face
Until they know how much it means
Until they know the real you
Until they, too, can pull out
The pain
The love
The giddiness of expectation
The hope
That hides within

Just feel
And you will see the world bloom
Into a passion
Never seen before.


  1. It's hard to share your feelings sometimes...or at least it is for me. I hold stuff in until I implode...I guess I need to do a better job letting my insecurities free.

    Great poem! (as usual)