Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mother Nature

Just when I think
I have it under control
My tasks
80 mile-per-hour winds
Blow through the world
And fill my yard
My pool
My life
With leaves

I sigh
Wait for the rain
To stop
Pick up my broom
And rake
And net
With heavy heart
And wonder what I did
To tick off
Mother Nature.


  1. Honey she ain't your mom, she's best depicted in the tale of Cinderella. The wicked step mom.

  2. Could you please ask her kindly to come vent down here? Or tell me how to tick her off? We're at day 100+ without significant rainfall. Mother Nature is visiting us with wildfires. You haven't lived until you've driven down a highway and watched little brush fires pop up right beside the road.

  3. That sucks... but it could be worse.

  4. Loved the ending, after the description, serious, then made me laugh - clever.

  5. Walking Man, I see her more as my wicked REAL mother... she brought me into this world, and she can take me out whenever she wants. Mostly, though, she's nice to me (though a bit hot and steamy this time of year).

    I wish I could tell her what to do. We had more rains yesterday, but that was mainly because we're now in the South's summer pattern: 95+ degrees with 95% humidity. Something's gotta give when that happens, and that means afternoon storms. They lower the temp into the 80's, but then the humidity is ghastly. Sauna. I should lay out and give my skin some much needed moisturizing.

    You're right, Jeff. A little mole got it far worse yesterday. I found it in my pool's leaf trap. Poor little thing.

    Thanks, Carole! I've really enjoyed your posts lately, too!

  6. Great poem! So much for manageable and predictable, huh?

  7. oh isn't it always the way! Excellent...