Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Do You See?


A squirrel taps its way
Across the road
And up into a tree

A strange cross between
A persian cat
Its tale a fluff of gray
A softness I envy
Grace I'll never hope to learn

And a rat
A pint-sized rodent scavenger
A wild thing
With rat-like claws
A lurker in the shadows.

I know it is more rat
Than feline
And yet as I brake the car
With haste
And watch its tail flip angrily at me
Its dark eyes peek
Suspicious at me
I see a friend
And not an enemy

And so I cannot help
But see humanity
A few true rats, yes,
But most of us
More fluff than claws.


  1. I like your point Shakes...but to be honest I see emergency stew meat.

  2. oh I like your descriptions and your point of view in this. I like grey squirrels but they're controversial in Scotland as they are an introduced species and out compete our native (and even cuter) red squirrels