Friday, May 27, 2011

Move Me

Patience is a virtue
I don't have

Give me a plot that moves
A conversation that brings up something new
Or lose me

Make characters change
The world
The inner workings of my brain
Or I'll move on

Or help me grow
Beyond the confines I am used to
Or I will finish up your book
(If I finish it at all)
And sigh
That was


  1. Oh no if it is a snoozer I let that dog lie back down and move on. Fifty pages, if you don't have me in that amount of words you will never have me.

    Time is a precious commodity and I can waste it better than by being bored by someones magnum opus.

  2. This is a nice companion poem to the post I'll be putting up tonight on Rockets and Dragons.

  3. Yes...I with you walking man, but I only give ten pages to grab me or I move on. There are too many books out there to waste time with a bad one.

  4. Time is very precious, Walking Man, and I do not live by books alone. If it doesn't pique my interest, it's not worth it.

    Stephanie, I definitely check it out this morning! I've been reading most of them, though I'm not always writing in.

    Jeff, unfortunately, I often give it more than ten. I wish I didn't. Sometimes I'm halfway through a bad book before I realize I've been wasting my time. I've finished far too many dull ones.

  5. When I read fiction I feel like I have to finish a book no matter how bad it is. I usually won't pick up another until I have finished it. Fiction should never be dull!

    I don't have that problem with non-fiction as much. I like to finish the book but I will start a few and finish the one that holds my interest first.