Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Don't apologize
Because you didn't get to church
Or can't make decent soup
Or walk too slow
Or sometimes feel down
So down you don't feel like feeling at all

Just go
Without the sorries thrown in
Just cook
Without knowing what you're doing
Without enough salt
Without a cookbook to help you
Just walk
In the direction you find most meaningful
At the speed that suits you
In the way that makes your hips feel okay
And doesn't hurt your feet
Just feel
What's really thrumming there inside you
Not what you ought to feel
Not what others say is real
Not the person others claim is you
But you
Only you
Be you
Just be you
Just be


  1. I felt the emotions there that came across strong... at least to me.

  2. hahahahahaha I am too much the fool to be something, anything other than what I am and you my dear friend have given sage advice to them not as foolish as I.

  3. Absolutely wonderful and inspirational!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  4. Being seems to be pretty much all I can muster lately.