Sunday, May 8, 2011


"The Bath" by Mary Cassatt

Decades ago
One mother
Left me
Choosing some form of righteous path
Abandoning the straining fibers linking
Her to me
Snipping every tendon separate.

I could feel lost
But other mothers
Found me
Fed me with caring
Showed me what love is
Sewed together the ties that had been torn
To themselves
And made me whole again

Mothers of their own choosing
They picked me
And so many others in need
To encourage and help
With smiles and pats and advice

And now
To follow their example
I mother
Not just the children
Tied to me through biology
But all the others
Abandoned and snipped apart
Seeking solace and love
In the embrace of another mother.


  1. Would you mind if I printed this off and gave it to my mom... it’s wonderful. And BTW; happy Mother’s Day to you.

  2. Go for it, Jeff. And thank you so much, Sharon!