Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Step Back

Put down the list of things to do
Save it
For a moment when your jaw
Isn't clenched
When the words
Don't blear together
From the throbbing behind your eyes

The floor needs sweeping
So put on some soft socks
To mask the feeling
Tuck the dishes into the sink
And cover them with a towel
The laundry can wait until tomorrow

Now is not the time for stress
Your brain can't handle much more
Without committing suicide

So let go...

Open the shutters wide
And soften your eyes with the green of trees
Drift along with the music
Of the turning of the earth
Feel it rumble under your toes
And echo with your own heart beat

God didn't create while panicked
He made it all slowly
Step by step
Looking over each little plant
To say,

Yes, that is good.