Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Goals

Over the last few summers I've posted a huge list of goals. Most of you know I'm the queen of lists. Even now I'm sitting at my laptop, glancing over at my list book as I write, considering the list for today.

But I just can't make a list for this summer. I know, generally, what I want to accomplish. I want to get my fourth novel finished, revise my first, second, and third novels and get them ready for sending out to agents, and revise my most recent play (which I just finished last week).

Really, though, I just have one big goal: WRITE.

I hope to write every single day. One blog entry and one hour of writing each day minimum. Bigger goals won't be accomplished without the smaller, daily task of writing. The big goals, at this point, look too big. It's rather like weight loss. If I only set my sights on the final goal weight, then that means every single day I remind myself how far I am from that goal. But if I just concentrate on exercising and eating right today, I have a chance to eventually make it to that goal, mainly by my daily action.

So I'm off. My lofty goals drift around, yes, but they are not the plan. The plan is just for today, the last day my kids are in school. I hope to spend the afternoon writing. How about you?


  1. Well taken in order without any subtext that is one short list. Here even though I am a lazy person let me make that list for you Shakes then you just have to cut and paste it to a document.

    1. Write
    2. Edit
    3. Re-write

    OK that seems about all of everything.

  2. I hope you meet your goals… I don’t make lists, or really put a lot on my table, other than writing.

    My only goal is to finish my second draft and get it to you asap… which doesn’t look like anytime soon.

  3. I agree with you, and lately my goal is just write, too. I've already lost a lot of time wondering "what if", but I feel now I'm on the right track. My goal this summer? To enjoy it. I actually get always so worked up on doing things that I always let it slip...

    Great blog, I'm following you. Have a nice weekend.
    - EEV