Monday, September 20, 2010

A Relaxing Beginning

My class starts in about half an hour. I should be nervous. Or at least keyed up or something.

But I'm just sitting here, my stress level at about a two (on a ten-point scale)... nothing to do until class begins...

Why? Several reasons:

1. Preparation. That's all it is. I'd finished my syllabi two weeks ago, sent them off to be copied, and found the neat piles this morning, ready to hand out. All the assignments, readings, due dates, and other elements are organized. Nothing to figure out. Everything is just ready to run, like a well-oiled machine, and I'm looking forward to the adventure, the new students, and pretty much everything (except the grading).

2. Saying no. I turned down a total of four more classes this term, so while I'm surrounded by teachers running around trying to teach 5 or 6 courses, I'm just floating with two (three is full time, and I don't want to teach full time unless I get paid full time). Last fall at this time I was halfway through two courses by now, and I took on four more, finishing them all before December. No, I didn't end up strangling myself before it was over, but I nearly ended up in an asylum.

3. Doing things I love. Yes, instead of thinking about school starting yesterday, I painted. And when I get home this afternoon, I'll be working more on my novel. And playing piano. And reading. Anything I can do to make sure I enjoy the day as well as work through it.

I hope you are as relaxed as I. I hope that knot right below your shoulder blade eases itself out, and you can just chill with a lemonade this afternoon. That's what I intend to do.


  1. Gratefully I can, and will this afternoon, let’s hope the rest of the week turns out so blissful...

    Good luck

  2. Good for you!
    One of the advantages of getting older - wisdom. I too have learnt the hard way, that it's okay to say no and to look after yourself. I'm still in the middle of re-arranging my life and deciding where my priorities lie, but in the process I'm much more content.

  3. Classes, for me, start Wednesday. I should be keyed up about it, but I'm not. I was more excited about the new students coming into class today and the fact instructors returned to campus too. Oh, I will get there once I log in and check out the first assignments. Perhaps a small part of me wants to hang on to the relaxing summer I had.

  4. Less than 12 pages left to fill in the next 80 pg chap book and only 3000 pieces to pick from. No sweat. No strain especially for one who never claimed to have a brain. Just for shits and grins I posted the title piece today but won't be leaving it up more than a couple of days.

  5. Excellent approach! Now if I could find a way to do the stress-free thing...

  6. Jeff: I hope the week is relaxing for all of us... most of us really need it!

    Michelle: I'm still figuring all of this out, too. Prioritizing will help me select what matters most, and do it best. And the rest can slide...

    Neenee: I understand about wanting summer to last... but summer was less relaxing than I'd expected (or at least hoped for), so I'm looking forward to actually hunkering down and getting some work done.

    Stephanie: Thanks!

    Walking Man: I'll check it out right now. I'm so glad you are making such progress!

    The Mother: I'm sure the stress-free stuff won't last, but I'll enjoy it while it does. I hope to capture at least 30 minutes of such a relaxed state every single day...