Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Starts Today!

I've been up two hours already this morning... and believe me, 3:30 is not my normal wake-up time, but with my kids going back to school, I've been FREAKING OUT about it!

NOT because I hate being with out them. Sorry, kiddos... love you, but SO happy you are going back to school. I was maybe a week away from running out of the house screaming, but your school began right on time.

NOT because it means they are a year older. I am not nostalgic, and don't pine and weep over the fact that my son no longer says "lello" for "yello" and my daughter is almost as tall as my shoulder. I love that they are growing up (and haven't killed each other yet).

NOT because it means I am 1.5 weeks from starting school myself. I really do LOVE teaching (except the grading--gag!).

I am FREAKING OUT because I fear what my kids will be doing at school. Will my daughter have fallen behind in math and reading, despite what we've worked on this summer? She was giddy last night (meeting her teacher, who seems spectacular), but will her enthusiasm wane when she actually has homework?

I am also FREAKING OUT because of my son's performance last year. He excelled in all academics, and probably already reads at least a grade level above where he is right now, but I was in and out of the principal's office last year (for the reasons why, this example). Should I drive them to school so he's in a good mood? Should I make them ride the bus, and risk his being grumpy when he gets there? Should I make him deal with it and deal with the consequences?

I'm even FREAKING OUT because of the mornings to come. Will they get ready on time, or will the mornings become a nag fest like last year? If that's what they are meant to be, I quit now. Since I don't have to teach for the next week and a half, if one or both of my kids aren't ready on time, I'm going to let them miss the bus (or ride) to school. Hopefully they'll learn fast to get ready.

I have another plan in motion, one that I spent the majority of yesterday on. More details on that tomorrow (or Friday, whenever I get it finished). In the meantime, I am getting an appointment for a massage before the kinks in my back rip my vertebrae apart!


  1. You can't worry your way to fixing your kids' problems.

    I prefer a "wait and see" approach. Worry kicks in only when absolutely necessary.

  2. I'm so laid back, I'm probably erring in the venue of "underworrying."

    As life moves on, you'll probably mellow out and I will be moved to act as circumstances warrant.

    Here's hoping your massage helps more than your back.

  3. Just remember the more “FREAKED OUT” you get or act, the more they will reflect back.

    We as parents have a huge impact on the way our kids feel about themselves.

    Be calm, show your confidence in them, believe in them and of course show them love and vocalize it.
    I hate to admit it, but I’m becoming like my parents more and more everyday! And your kids are becoming like you more and more each day.

    So remember to project the behavior you wish them to reflect... if not, you’re losing an uphill battle.

    Life is what you make of it, stress is a direct result of your expectations and the plan you have in place to deal with it.

    Good luck.

    If it helps, just know I have faith in you.

  4. sounds like the usual back to school stuff. my kid is actually getting herself ready these days without a hassle and getting to school on time, :) i'm sure you're children will do the same. enjoy your massage. hope all else is well.

  5. I'm a LITTLE less freaky now (though I still only made it to 4:20 a.m. this morning). The kids did great getting ready yesterday. My son did have some mishaps yesterday (couldn't find his lunch at school, so I will have to pay for the hot lunch he bought before he found his lunch in his backpack--and also missed the transfer bus home, and they had to go back for him, making the main bus about 30 minutes late), but he still said he had an awesome day at school.

    It seems like all four of you are calmer than I. Then again, I am usually calm. Don't know why I'm so uptight now. Maybe it's because in a week my hubby and I go off to interview for a VERY big job.

    I'll try to relax. My stomach is still really quivery this morning, so I'm going to do all I can to relax. Maybe some yoga is in order (after my zumba).