Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making Progress

I am now to the point in my novel--tentatively titled The Ghost Portal--when ALL of the remaining text (in the original novel) will go into novel #2 in the series... so it's been pasted onto another document, ready for use when I get started on #2.

I am about 120 pages into Thomas novel #1... and the world is wide open for him. I'd blog more, but I need to work on the novel instead... (sorry!).

Happy writing!


  1. I thought I was the only one who wrote by the cut and paste method.

  2. Not the only one, the Mother.

    Good luck pushing on through to the other side, kiddo.

  3. It's not a matter of luck it's a matter of work. Do good work.

  4. The Mother, I use the cut and paste method more than anything. It was hard when all we had was typewriters (I am SO glad I don't have to write all of this in longhand!), but computers make it easy.

    Stephanie and Jeff, thanks for the good wishes! I'll work very hard.

    Yes, Walking Man, I need to do good work. I will do my best.