Sunday, September 5, 2010

Children's Church

Ever try to ask
38 kids about anything?
One in front raises her hand every time
But is too shy to talk.
Another wiggles with glee,
Announcing to the congregation,
When the microphone meets her,
"I hafta go potty!"

One, obsessed with his own birthday
"September 6th!"
Until the session ends
While three little girls
Hike up skirts to peek
At their own underwear.

Kids fly
In the face of the somber
The peaceful
The serene
Wondering why those big people
Don't just get on with it
And end the boredom.

Like a Jim Carrey comedy
They annoy and
Embarrass us
Even while they make us laugh to tears
And leave us wondering why we came
At all.

Now time for cookies.
("But I don't like cookies," one kid says.)


  1. AH yes, Arthur Gordon "Art" Linkletter (who died this summer) would have asked you to put your words in his book "Kids Say the Darndest Things,"

    Delightful read.


  2. I learned the hard way, never put your little girl in a new lace (code word for scratchy) dress and new tights for the Christmas program...She's bound to show something you don't want her to show...

  3. Actually that sounds like one of the VERY few reasons to go to a church. Watch the kids have fun with God.