Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally Happy

How does it happen? I am still sick, coughing up stuff (I think I likely have a sinus infection), but for some odd reason I spent most of yesterday giggling. And today, too, I'm as cheery as can be, laughing at odd moments (while taking folded clothes up to put away, or making the bed, or rinsing dishes). It doesn't make any sense. Nothing--and I mean NOTHING--has changed from last week to this. 

But I feel like singing. Singing at the bus stop, while I waited for Crystal to be picked up. Singing at my kids while I got them ready for the day. Humming while brushing my teeth. What could possibly make me feel this way? Is it anti-PMS? Impossible. Given the timing, it should be PMS... perhaps my husband is right in observing I'm "even nicer" when that time comes around (and he is grateful for that, as am I). Whatever the reason, I'm really enjoying being happy, even if I have no reason to be (at least, no more reason than I had for being sad before).

Perhaps I need to remember this for my writing (and reading). Sometimes characters may act moody, happy, giddy, upset, cranky, or whatever for no reason at all. Perhaps he or she doesn't know why the feeling comes, and only discovers the source later. Maybe it's okay for a character to not always be logical. Maybe none of us are logical. 

Is there a character you remember, from any of your reading, who seemed illogical to other characters but who made perfect sense to you? When did you psychoanalyze a character, either in your own writing or someone else's?

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  1. I constantly find myself identifying with character other characters don't get (like, say, the "monster" in Frankenstein) and even other readers don't get.

    As for the second question, I psychoanalyze them if I'm not caught up with them. Or, if I get caught up with them, I analyze them later to figure out why.

    I'm so glad you're happy. Happiness doesn't need a reason.