Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabulous Hubby Friday

I made a HUGE list last time, and believe me, since then I've come up with all sorts of other activities to do. I could list them, but I think my sister would die of apoplexy if she read it (and she is nearly always my first reader). 

Instead, I'll talk about my hubby. It's his birthday, so his mom's coming up for the weekend to celebrate, go to a Jazz Walk, etc. I'm glad because she and I are his biggest fans in the whole wide world, so we get to spend time talking about how great he is. Now, I'm sure I've let on when he's annoying at times, but these are a few of the reasons I find him fabulous (and if you are already gagging, feel free to read some other blog today):

1.  He started dating me when I wore huge glasses, big and sloppy t-shirts, and ugly jeans every single day--and he wondered whether I was out of his league. He thought I was so cute even when I didn't think I was.

2.  My parents treated him like a mold growing on their couch, yet he kept coming back for a YEAR, until I moved out of my parent's house to end the torture.

3.  He left his strict religion, believing he'd be condemned to hell if he did, but deciding that, and I quote, "Fifty years with you are worth an eternity in heaven." (How can I not love that?)

4.  When my first C-section became infected and the doctors had to undo ALL the stitching, my husband cleaned my wound three times a day, even stuffing gauze into it as far as it would go, for eight weeks until it fully healed. Each day he'd say, "Look, honey, my fingers only go in this deep today!" 

5.  The most important one? He has, for nearly 20 years, kept his cool when I have flipped out--even at him--not returning snit for snit--and that has allowed me to cool down far faster than if he had snapped back at me. He remains the most cool-headed person I have ever met, and I hope to keep learning patience, persistence, and compassion from him. 

So, happy birthday, Richard! I'd tell him in person right now, but he's out golfing right now--and that's a beautiful thing. I hope he has a wonderful time!


  1. I love Richard, too. He's so farseeing and such a good planner. It seems to me he always has the next five or six steps carefully mapped. I wouldn't want to play chess with him.

    I like the fact that he demanded an equal partner, not a pet wife - which you could have done at that time - not now. I'll always respect and admire him for not settling for less than you could be.

    I don't know who he would have been without you, but I've seen you grow together with one of the healthiest marriages it has ever been my privilege to witness. I know you're a better person for knowing him and I love the fact that I think you have helped him become all he can be as well. What more could one want from marriage?

    And you're both superlative parents.

    Happy birthday, Richard. This may be the only time I've ever expressed it that wasn't late.

  2. OMG, that last part is funny! I'll let him know you wish him well.

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  4. sorry for delets but my spelling was horible, i normaly do not read what i have type until i have already posted it... here is what i posted but had to edit... sorry once more

    Well being a husband, I know how much it means to have to women you love appreciate what you do or who you are... I hope your happiness lives for as long as you do. I only wish you the best and hope for your success, make sure to always show your true feelings to your kids and hubby, that way your life together will grow and the love you share will continue...
    thx for sharing...