Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Break Starts NOW!

I have no idea how it will end up, or what will happen, but four weeks of training is over. And my daughter's last day of school is today. And my son is now prepping for kindergarten. So, in less than five hours, we all have SUMMER BREAK!!! 


What will I do with my summer? I don't know. I have a ton of blank canvases waiting to be painted, including a HUGE one I bought for my sister and brother-in-law. I am working on revising my full-length play Desdemona. I need to work on two more novels, too, and do most of the research for my ghost book, along with planning out an entire fantasy series based on my first novel (which will be shredded in the process). My hubby's halfway through putting up a swing set in the back yard. Zumba classes continue at the YMCA, and I've started cardio kickboxing, too. My piano beckons every day, and I hope to sew a ton, too. I figure I'll fill the days nicely, even teaching my daughter to sew and letting her paint when I do. I'm excited about the prospects, about the relaxation, about having nothing but a little work to get done every week, since most of my jobs are ended. 

I do have some prep for fall classes to do (including reading through about four to five textbooks), but I also have a ton of reading waiting on me. I also have an 11-day camping trip planned, along with a quick (and long overdue) jaunt to my sister's in Houston.

What are all of you planning this summer? Will it be same as usual, or do you have an adventure on the docket?


  1. Wow, I feel tired just listening to all that. I wish I could get to all my like-to-dos, but half the time it's all I can do to get to my need-to-dos. I'll need to be making time soon or I'll regret it.

    I hope you have a blast and don't work so hard it stops being fun.

    And I am SO looking forward to your visit.

  2. after working my day job. 6:00 am to 2:30 pm. it all about fun and family. when i can i try and write a few pages in my fantasy novel. my main goal is to finish my first novel and work on writing the synopsis, witch for me is the hardest of all.. any advice of writting one?

    have a good break and hope you gain freedom soon from all your hard work...

  3. My summer started with graduation last week. What a blast! I came home today from a relaxing vacation with friends who live in Oklahoma. I had a lovely time, but now I am glad to return home and get away from the heat. Next week I start classes for my bachelor's degree, and hopefully, I will find work to fit the class schedule. Otherwise, this summer will be spent working on the other half of me, which has been woefully neglected these past two years. Yup! All-in-all, I'm going to have a good summer. I hope yours is all that you wish for.

  4. Stephanie: Now you've also seen the real list, on the next blog! Can't wait to read yours, you Rocket Scientist! (And can't wait to visit, too!)

    Jeff King: Your goal to spend more time with family is a great one for summer, especially since your kids are freer, too. A synopsis... well, perhaps I can write about that on tomorrow's blog. I welcome the questions as much as my sis does on Ask Me Anything.

    neenee: Sorry I didn't make it to graduation, but I am SOOO glad you are continuing on... what's your major? Honestly, though I know you are looking for work, I hope you also get to de-neglect yourself. We all need to do that a bit more.

    Well, I'd love to stay, but now I need to get weeding the garden. The weather here is perfect for that right now--overcast and cool.