Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why Don't We

Why do we care
if the crystal is Cartier
and not plastic?
If the jeans have some
certain type of rivet
to prove their authenticity?

Why do we care
if we get somewhere
precisely on time
and not later than usual
or not at all?
Does anything really happen?
Are we shot dead?
Sent to jail?

Why do we care if some bum
on the corner
uses the few bucks we give him
to buy another bit of meth
to feed a habit?
Can he kick the addiction
without help from those
who don't have it?
Does judging his need
make us feel better about our own
and save us a few bucks?

Why do we care
what official people
in official places
think of us?
Because we need what they are handing out?
Because we don't want to think?
Can we even trust that they know us at all?

Why don't we care
about each other
the real inside
those around us?
Why don't we say hello?
Why don't we look up
from our palm pilot
or texting phone
or newspaper
or steering wheel
or television
and make eye contact
so someone sees
and we see
another person


  1. Great points... thx for making me take a look insinde myself.

  2. I like this one Shakespeare! I often think about these ideas and wonder why don't we take more time for one another. Instead we are always rushing on to the next moment in our lives. Your message is a timely reminder to appreciate those around us whatever the situation may be. Thanks!

  3. Spot on. Hit the ten ring here with an arrow sharp. It is up to the artists now. Everyone else it seems has either become blind or sold out.

  4. The lens is on my own life, believe me. I spend far too much of my time disconnected from everyone around me.

  5. My grandmother, the immigrant from Scotland, used to pour milk straight from the carton and announce: "Only the Queen and I have one like this!"

    I have a few of those precious items, too.