Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Moment

Lists are fine
Make all the lists you want
Plans might set your path for you
But they won't make you
Take that first step.

Write each list out
Memorize it all
Then shred it up
And toss the white confetti
In the air.

Then move it
Start walking
Doing what it takes
To live right now.

The past is past
The future might be nice
But all that matters now
Is now.
This moment.

You have it
You're alive
You've been blessed
You're lucky
You have great potential
And the world awaits.

What are you doing
To make right now
Your moment?


  1. Reading on Creative Arts Anonymous, drinking coffee and listening Marisa On Fado Curvo. Oh look a list. I'd shred it but then I'd have to get a new monitor.

  2. Sorry been out of town... I wish I could embrace this poem.

    Nice work, but makes me realize I need to get organized.

  3. Don't shred it, Walking Man. Sounds like you're doing it... and that's what counts.

    Jeff, no big deal. I'm organized enough... I just need to get to work.

  4. I am one of you students and while i was reading my best friends blog i remembered that you have one and decided to check it out........... once i started reading i couldnt help my self stop reading it.............. but once i got to this poem and the last two paragraphs i just LOVED it........... wont lie i read it like 10 times... it sounds so right. Cant even explain it made me think about my life. Thank you !!