Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Book

I know the book
Has me by the eyes
When I cannot put it down

Not to put the trash out
Do the dishes
Grade my papers
Say hello
Or even go to sleep at night

Or if I do
Or must do
These abhorrent things
--Suddenly abhorrent when the other day
I didn't mind at all--
I sigh and bear them
Thinking only of the worlds
I long for
Where each page
Lingers underneath my hair
And quivers there
Vibrating to the shiver of my spine

Yes, I must do the tasks
Assigned to me
But I will do them quickly
Sloppily, if necessary
(Believe me, it is necessary)

For the book
Its depths
Its words
Its roughish pages


  1. True... thx goodness my eyes can only take a few hours of reading at a time.

  2. Now that's a love story!

    Wonderful when that fire burns bright for a novel.

  3. Housework can wait. And kids can feed themselves.

  4. Books can own you for that bit of time.

    What can be better?

  5. The Idiot was the last book that took me like that. Stole every bit of discretion on how to use time well from me.

  6. Now I know that feeling very well indeed!