Sunday, September 12, 2010


I finally mustered up the guts to rewrite the chapter I'd been working on for my novel rewrite. I made the POV first person, and even changed to present tense throughout. Wow, what a difference it made! Suddenly my (character's) voice came through loud and clear. The scene had weight. It had humor (when does that happen?). It flowed beautifully, increased in suspense, and I could feel everything I'd wanted to feel when writing it the first way.

That means I get to start from square (i.e. chapter) one, and do it all. And it's going to be a lot of work. And it's going to take a lot of time. Once I get the whole thing rewritten, it will be like a first draft, necessitating yet another 2-3 revisions minimum. (Yes, I'm a fan of revision.)

But I feel as if my voice is finally coming through. The informality, the playfulness, the anxiety, everything shines through in ways it never has before. I'm so glad I started with this book. Now, when I work on sequels or on my other two completed novels, I'll have a much better feel for my own narrative voice.

It also means I'll be busy. But I'll try to check in. I might even post a first chapter (rewritten) and see what you think. I don't tend to do that too often.

Hope your writing is going as splendidly!


  1. I am happy you voice has come through for you...
    It sucks when you don't feel the "IT" factor coming out in your work.
    Whatever it takes to make it dance across the page, do it!

    Last night’s writing session went well, at least as well as revising can go.

    The way you’re describing this is the way I felt about most of the stuff I’ve written in my first draft, but it’s taken a slow methodical turn since... but at least I’m still moving forward.

    Thx, and best of luck.

  2. A SOULMATE!!!!
    A SOULMATE!!!!!
    A SOULMATE!!!!!!
    I've seen Kenneth's Hamlet exactly 27 times, 9 times at the cinema.
    WONDERFUL, isn't it! He's such a great actor. Best Hamlet ever (I've seen all Hamlet movie versions, Laurence Olivier was good, Mel Gibson...NO!)

  3. I haven't decided whether I love those moments when things finally come together, or hate them because it means I have to redo everything else.

  4. Jeff, even backward is okay--it's still progress. Kind of like a two-step. I'm glad it's moving for you, at least.

    Joe, I am SO glad you like Branagh's HAMLET. Mel Gibson's was less his fault than the director's. Zeffirelli directed R & J brilliantly, but he messed SOO much with Hamlet. Making the nunnery exchange happen in public was as wrong as it could be... that film was wrong on so many levels.

    The Mother, I ALWAYS love these moments. What I hate is the inkling that something isn't okay, but I'm not sure why... it's like driving on the highway for miles and miles, not knowing if you missed an exit. My blood pressure goes down once I know I'm on the right track.

  5. I love that inspiration, that moment when it clicks. Even if it means a lot of forward work, it will be the RIGHT work.

    Good for you!

  6. Yay for you. :) Have fun with your revisions....

  7. The first is the worst. It's all downhill sledding from here on out Shakes.