Friday, August 19, 2011

The Choice

The night
Is softly falling
Behind trees
And under rocks.

Silence retreats
That her older, louder sister
Murmurs upstairs
Getting ready for morning.

Muscles ready
Not for a day of lethargy
But for the whirlwind of activity
Work and play
That hold the hands of sunshine
Green grass
And sound.

You have a choice:

Slink into the shadows
Crawl back into bed
And waste the day
Or tag along with the sun
Skipping through the world
A light
Signaling others
To act.


  1. I love that line:

    You have a choice... just the right pause.

  2. Whenever I'm tempted to waste a sunny day, I kick myself in the pants. In Western Washington, our summer's can be pretty short, so you have to seize every sun-filled moment and enjoy them. I like the call to action in the last verse because we are reminded how much influence one small act can have on others.

  3. Very good... I am ready to face the day!