Monday, August 1, 2011

Countdown to NaNoWriMo

It's coming. Every year it's coming. I tried it once and failed miserably, mainly because I spent the second half of the month house hunting. But I've moved now. Nothing should be standing in my way, especially a house hunt.

And the house we bought is almost fully refinished/painted/cleaned/reorganized. Even those pesky backsplashes are completely tiled and grouted (though I still haven't posted pictures). My son's quilts are days away from completion. I do have a ton of Christmas houses to paint this year, but if I don't get them all done, who will know but I? Christmas comes EVERY year (just like NaNoWriMo).

I'm revving up my revisions on several novels, after hardly writing in July. I'm excited, I'm motivated, and I'm fully aware that my kids start school in four days. So, the countdown might just be meaningful for me this year. I'm posting it here, just in case.

Do I really want to do it? Not sure. Last year I realized at the halfway point that I was way off base with the novel, and I haven't done anything but research it since. Will the novel eventually turn into something? Probably, knowing how willing I am to revise (i.e., shred). But you can bet I won't be sending any piece-of-crap novel out December 1.

What about you? Will you write for NaNoWriMo? Are you already churning out a book? Do you act like it's NaNoWriMo every single month? Does NaNoWriMo make you yawn?


  1. I've done a book in a month before...but never in November.

    Every year I think about it, but November tends to be a busy month for me so I often pass. I also tend to write a lot in the summer so I'm usually neck-deep in edits by the Fall. Buuuut you never know. Maybe I'll try it this year. Possibly. :)

  2. never been brave enough to attempt it myself. But maybe this year?:)

  3. I never intend to do it, but I've basically managed to do it accidentally the past two years.

    Truth is, I write a novel when I'm ready and, when I'm ready, I write it about that fast.


    So, my answer, who knows?

  4. I might do it...

    I feel like a tool, I have one chapter left to read on your book, but left it home when I went out of town to work... but I am back now and will get to it.

  5. LOVE NaNoWriMo!! I got a very rough novel out of last year's. The "misery loves company" maxim really works for me as a writer.

  6. Ava Jae, I understand the November crunch. I've written more novels in September and October than later on, especially when teaching.

    Creepy Query Girl, first let me tell you that I LOVE your name! And perhaps it will work for you... or perhaps it won't. Everyone writes differently.

    Stephanie, I have no doubt that you could DEFINITELY write a novel a month--and yours would be far better than most, since so often your rough drafts are far from rough.

    Elizabeth, I'm so glad it worked for you last year. Have you been able to go back to the novel and look it over yet?

  7. Oh, I can't crank out a novel a month. I have to have time in between for the various novels to simmer. I can feel one coming to a boil. Very frustrating - I don't know which one it is yet. I hope it's not a new one.