Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Way

Rest your angry mind
A moment
Hushing thoughts that swirl within
And burst through every facet of your life

The tension will kill you

Breathe the air
It might not be as fresh as it once was
But it still feeds you
After all these years
Change has not destroyed all
There is still time

And you need to breathe, after all

No more talking
Invectives churn inside your mind,
So just release them
Set them free
For saying them only gives them power
Over you

Feel the inner workings of the earth
Beneath your feet
And know that even the worms
Have a purpose

And so do you
Do you know what your purpose is?
No? Not yet?
Then keep silent so that you can hear

If you listen long enough
You will feel the pull
Your own unique link to the universe
And then you will know
What you must do.


  1. This one really speaks to me. I have been working at taking things slower... contemplating and letting the monkeys chattering in my brain take a vacation. Thanks for this.