Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunshine and Sickness

Coughing upstairs
Drifts siftingly
Down to the sunlit windowpanes
And we all rest

Nothing desperate
To do today
Just a few musings
A bit of snuggling

Being sick isn't so bad
With a blanket
Covering the hurts

And a bit of tea
Or red gooey syrup
Softens the ache
And stops the pounding

And still the sun streams in
Bluey and clear
On a cold winter's day
Saying hello
And reminding us
How loved we are
Despite the coughing.


  1. This is a really beautiful poem. I love the atmosphere it creates, very soft and delicate, calm, serene, sweet and optimistic.

  2. I always have a hard time connecting to poetry.
    So my opinion has little merit.

    But for what is worth I like it...

  3. I like this because of the simple straightforward premise that love is being loved no matter the conditions of the moment. Be well and comforted.