Sunday, February 28, 2010

Round Two of ABNA

I know all of you were on pins an needles as much as I, but I've just found out for certain that I've made it to Round Two of the Breakthrough Novel contest. That means I was roughly in the top 20% of the entries. Now my chapter selection will be posted online... though when that will happen, I have no idea.

I promise to write you when I know more. Until then, I'll just shiver in my boots a bit, giddy that I made it even through the first hurdle. (Honestly, I'm giddy that I even had the guts to send in another novel!)


  1. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you. I really hope you win. Keep us posted :)

  2. Do what ever it takes... send 1000 if you have to, never give up on what you were born to do.

    I knew you could do it, keep us posted.


  3. Huzzah! Writing is all about keeping at it. Just remember all those books that were rejected the first ten or twenty times that went on to be huge.

  4. *0% down and 19.99999999 left to eliminate Shakes...good going!

  5. Thanks, everybody!

    It looks like my chapter samples go to a select group of readers... and their ratings (among other things) decide who moves on to the next level. More waiting...