Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Ocean

I thought I was moving forward all these years
The land seemed closer
Just a bit more swimming left

But dawn comes
I am not blind for once
Shore is far away
My legs ache
Water coughs my lungs

Not sure I can make it
Seems so far
Too far for all the little
Strength that's left

Should I keep swimming?

Don't know what I'll face if I
Reach the shore

Harsh rocks
To crush myself against?
Am I dead either way?

Will I wish I had kept from shore
Way out there
Far away
And drowned?


  1. It felt... right to me, I like it.

    the only part that left me feeling taken-back was the ending "And drowned?"

    thx for sharing.

  2. Today I took your metaphor and burped.

  3. Thanks, Jeff. Just a bit down yesterday (a bit? This is only a bit?!?)

    I appreciate the poem, Walking Man. You must know how much...