Friday, February 12, 2010

Hangin' with Harry

I am DONE grading! (Except for a few late papers and some wads of journals, of course). I spent the last three nights staying up late and getting up early, and now my kids and I are chilling in front of the big screen, watching all the Harry Potter movies up to #6.

Okay, so I'm also blogging. But I've been dying to blog all this time... and I had to force myself to keep marking with my little blue pen, keep circling verbs, keep marking works cited pages.

Not. Fun.

I'm considering shifting my grading in ENG 102 next semester to the method I use in ENG 101. I approach it from a publishing perspective. Instead of assigning the student a grade, I assess whether the paper is at an A-/B+ level. If it isn't, I give it back with comments, and the student has to revise it. Three chances to get it there, and if they don't they're out. You see, I hate D's and F's. I don't like assigning a grade to something that really doesn't deserve to go on. I want my students to learn to revise, to correct, to see what kinds of mistakes they make and learn not to make them...

Why I'm blogging about that now, I have no idea. Perhaps I'm just too much in a rut.

No more writing. No more reading. I'm going back to the boob tube, watching my favorite series of films ever (for all their imperfections).

I can't wait for #7, parts one and two!


  1. I still have the first HP movie in its shrink wrap... never saw any of them.
    Congratulations on finishing your papers!

  2. Amen... I've watched them all to many times to count. I hope they don't butcher it, like they did in #6.

    I am certain your students will be better writers because of what you do. Keep it up and know you are making a difference.


  3. I loved your method of grading papers! I learned so much more by seeing where to improve the paper and develop ideas. Simply assigning a grade and moving on to the next assignment doesn't allow for that process to take place, and unless a student truly wants to improve, he or she won't make the effort to learn from your input. Not that I have a say or would even benefit, but I vote "YES" to changing your grading system for English 102.

    Enjoy your movie night and long weekend!!

  4. There are times Shakes when the mindless diversion is the healthiest thing you can do for your energy levels. Make the popcorn and enjoy the show.

  5. I've been enjoying some movies this week, too.

    It's nice to get away.