Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oh, I hate it when people ask me how my writing is going lately. Frankly, it isn't, and though I'd planned to do nothing today except laundry and writing, I am now sick with a cold, tired out to the extreme, and I know I am unlikely to write today (except for this blog, and I am forcing myself to write it at this point). 

My online training is fascinating, but it still isn't writing, and now I'm using it as an excuse not to write (in lieu of housework)... I suppose my question is, why on earth am I putting off writing? I have always loved writing. It's always been something that motivated me to bounce out of my bed in the morning (even at three in the morning, sometimes), something that I couldn't wait to do, something that urged me to hurry through the clothes folding, the dishes, and even do so with a smile on my face, knowing once the chores are done I get to work on what I really love.

So, why don't I love it right now? What's wrong? Why do I put it off?

What do all of you think? Today would be a great day to write, since I just want to snuggle up in a blanket and work on the computer... what might I do to motivate myself to get going? I've put off writing long enough.

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  1. I wish I could help you here. When I'm not "in the mood" to write, I can't. Period. I've tried forcing it and the result was so terrible it often induced me to shelve the project (for a long time if not forever) and often eschew writing far longer than I thought was possible.

    This happened most frequently when I was going through other transitions in my life.

    One thing that has occasionally kickstarted my writing mood was a completely new project. If I'm facing revisions (yuck!) or carrying forward on an established project, sometimes my mind wants to stretch. Writing an unrelated short story or even an idea that inspires you (but has no immediate purpose) can help.

    Or get you started on yet another project. Now you know why I have eight or so at any one time. But I don't regret it.