Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not About Writing

I should be presenting a blog about writing. I know I should. But this past week has been one of the weirdest I've ever experienced, and the last few months have not helped me focus on my own writing, let alone assisted me with other issues in my life. 

I am not psychic, nor do I make any claims to have more than average perception. However, I am certain that something is happening right now, something I can neither see nor hear, but something that is just as real as if I could. And it isn't pretty, if my response to it is anything real, either. It's shortening my temper, making me ultrasensitive, causing me to snip (and snip and snip) at my husband. 

What is it? Perhaps I should ask TAROT QUEEN... 

Have a burning question? Maybe you should ask her the question, too. 


  1. I'm sorry something's bothering you. I can tell you're not happy.

    I hope we can figure it out.

  2. PMS? Are you being haunted? Pregnant? Perhaps you are picking up on a loved ones emotions....spring fever?


  3. I think it's actually more like being haunted. Tarot Queen covered the parts that I can control (to some extent), but weird thoughts and feelings--really unusual and scary ones--are entering my mind...

    I have a few who are sure I'm being haunted. I just have no way of knowing whether they are right.

  4. I sympathize! I get premonitions a lot (that rarely ever come true). I can usually ignore them, but sometimes they just camp out for a while. It sucks.

  5. My premonitions are usually DEAD ON... but I appreciate the sympathy, musingwoman...

    Perhaps something will come of this eventually...