Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taking a Break

I have to apologize for the last posting... I was feeling pretty ill, and yesterday my temperature rose above 100 degrees (which means a lot, since it tends to run about 2 degrees cooler than everyone else). It seems I have more than a cold (my husband, of course, suggested it might be swine flu, the dork). 

Anyway, yesterday I didn't do anything. I finished a book (and thoroughly enjoyed it--Gail Carson Levine's Fairest--and I may post on it tomorrow), watched a very little television (why isn't anything ever on?), and generally lay around all day. No exercise at the Y, no obligations except for a bit of work on the online training. 

I'm feeling slightly better today, after spending the night in a coma, but I intend to do nothing again today. The dishes will go unwashed, the laundry will still be in stacks, not put away, toys will remain on the floor, where my kids abandoned them. I'll likely take another nap, and I'll do everything I can to rest. 

What will the break do? Hopefully, I'll get well, and do so faster than I would have if I'd killed myself cleaning up after everyone and running a ton of errands. Perhaps, too, I'll recharge, so that when it comes time to get something done, I'll be able to do it with energy and panache. Too bad it took illness to make me do this (although so far I've lost five pounds this week, so I'm not going to whine about it too much).

Do you need to recharge? How can you do it now, before the obligations that weigh on you make you sick and whiny, too?


  1. When I'm really run down and stressed and flaking, I push the kids on to Lee and kill things in a video game, like Diablo II or Kingdom Hearts. Brutal, I know, but it works to relieve my stress.

    I'm overdo for a session now.

  2. I bet you are, Stephanie...

    I'm going to rest tomorrow, too.

  3. Today was a very stressful day because of a family member's fragile mental health. The quarter is coming to a close, and I have much to do. Hearing about her breakdown and knowing the possible fallout from it was a strain on me. How did I cope with it? I met the obligations and appointments scheduled for the day and took a friend out for ice cream and a long chat. It helped; I am feeling more at peace. Thank God for friends who have a listening ear.

  4. Neenee, that's why I have all of you! And you can't catch swine flu through the Internet, either... so it's safe.

    I think I'm going to miss Brandon's preschool graduation today. Still feverish, and now my cough has gotten really productive. At least my hubby is going... he can tell me all about it.

    Rest, rest, rest.

  5. Oh dear, I hope you get better really soon. Sleep sleep sleep, till your body gets itself back together.

  6. i wish you the best, hope you feel better soon.

    parents have no time to be sick or have people feel sorry for them, life is stress rolled up with more worry bring us more time to feel taken for granted. but rest knowing you can never be replace and have confidence you are one of a kind..

    feel well soon...