Sunday, May 3, 2009


So many of us wander through life envying those around us. Others drive nicer cars, have nicer jobs, look nicer, dress nicer, have nicer kids (okay, so we rarely think that), etc. 

But today is the day I step into others' shoes and decide I don't want to walk in them. So here's my ANTI-Envy list:

1.  My husband. He has a job where most people dislike him, and I don't think I'd handle it all that well. Besides, he has to mow the lawn, and that seems like a pretty craptacular job. He burned his hand on the mower yesterday, too, so he's dealing with some pain right now. 

2.  My sister. It would take people at NASA a whole two hours to figure out my knowledge of science wouldn't fill a teaspoon. And even if they didn't fire me, they wouldn't listen to a word I said because men who were even stupider than I (but who'd been there longer) would disagree with me constantly. 

3.  Construction workers, especially in hot places like the deep South, or Texas. Okay, even here I don't envy them. Nor do I envy others with outside jobs, like trash workers. Can you imagine being a garbage dump attendant? How would I ever wash the stench out of my clothes?

4.  My daughter's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Westbrook, and every other person in her profession. Having two kids who ask constant questions, who demand constant attention, and who think repeating stupid non-jokes over and over is funny is trying enough for me. Imagine 25 of these, hopped up on chocolate milk and SpongeBob, demanding my attention all at once.  Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

5.  Barack Obama, or pretty much any head honcho of anything. I have enough trouble running my own house--keeping things clean, paying bills, etc.--without having a ton of people watch everything I do on television. If I miss a payment on something, it's no real big deal (just a few more dollars), but if I'm a CEO of something, and we tank, I'm in it deep. And the salary doesn't make up for that, either, especially since now the public will know if I get some bonus I don't deserve.

6.  Anyone homeless. I am so spoiled, for if it rains, or snows, or blows, or gets too hot, I can watch it all from inside my sheltered environment. I only go outside for fun. And my kids are in the same boat. They have all the food they want, we can eat whenever we're hungry (or even if we aren't), invite people to stay with us overnight, etc. We get mail regularly, like our neighbors (for the most part), and enjoy living in a community of other relatively contented, sheltered people.  The homeless have no such protections, either for themselves or their children.

The list could go on and on, but I think I'll stop there for now. Perhaps I'll create more for tomorrow... 

Whom do you Anti-Envy?


  1. I this is a fine idea. People get caught up on what they "don't" have and not on what they have.

    People I don't envy:

    1. Single parents. Parenting is hard enough as a team effort.

    2. Anyone unemployed unwillingly.

    3. Anyone fighting an addiction. I've been lucky not to get involved in too many vices I need to put behind me.

    4. Anyone in a service industry. Although I believe most people are honest and nice, to an extent, those that aren't can really ruin your day.

  2. Ditto on all those... I can't imagine how hard it would be to fight an addiction, especially.

  3. Oh, one I forgot. I don't envy same sex couples fighting the stigma, and being unable to be treated like true lifetime companions ought to be treated.

    I also added a post for you on AMA

  4. very good lists ... I will have to give it some thought - when my brain wakes up to come up with anything to add

    oh - people with serious communication difficulties for sure... it must be horrible to be in there without a way to express oneself

  5. I was thinking about your pick, Stephanie. The church I attend is open and affirming... so we have a lot of same-gender couples. But they go through a lot of crap I don't have to, even though we live in one of the most liberal parts of the country. I'll definitely check out the AMA posting!

    And flit, not being able to communicate would kill me, especially if everyone assumes I have nothing to say because I can't say it. What a prison...

  6. I just keep thinking of more people I don't envy:

    Any parent that has ever lost a child (for whatever reason).

    Any parent who has a child dealing with a life-threatening disease.